Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wheat Pancakes

Growing up I remember that my dad loathed anything wheat...he still does. I assumed I did too, until I started buying my own food and realized I loved the flavor. Now, my kids won't even touch a white bread sandwich--and even I have a hard time swallowing it down.

I love to use Montana Farms Prairie Gold Wheat--it has a mild wheat flavor and is light in color. I buy it from the Bosch store in Orem in 50lb bags. It used to be a good price...but as you know, wheat prices have increased.

We have these pancakes every week, and we never get tired of them. We've become pancake snobs and won't eat anything else. I of course recommend homemade syrup as well--I hate that thick store bought junk.

Hope you enjoy!

Wheat Pancakes—the best you’ll ever have!

Mix together:

1 ¼ Cup Wheat Flour
3 Tbls Brown Sugar
3 tsp baking powder
¾ tsp salt
3 Tbls oil
2 eggs
1 Cup milk (more or less depending on desired consisitency)

Mix with a wire whisk and cook on a hot griddle.


Angela Jensen said...

I made your pancakes over the weekend after I ran out of bisquik and we LOVED 'em! Seriously they were really good. I think we are going to make the switch. Thanks for the recipe

The Stokes Family said...

Hope you all don't mind lookie lou's --- I saw this on Nicole Watkin's Blog and couldn't resist taking a peek! The recipe's look awsome! Thanks - Chris Stokes

In.A.Nutshell said...

i LOVE this blog. thanks for all the awesome recipes!