Thursday, July 17, 2008

food storage thoughts....

Well I don't know that I have nearly the knowledge of ro...dude, you could write a book after I read your comment. But this past year I really have tried to get my food storage done. I decided to get most of my year supply ordered online at They deliver it to you for free and it for sure has the best prices on wheat/oats etc that I found.

But the best part is that all of it lasts for 30 years. So I plan to just store it away until I'm 60! The thought of rotating through a years supply to me was just overwhelming. But hey you never know after I get those wheat bread recipes maybe I will be inspired:)

So I got 9 months worth of this long term storage with pinto beans, wheat, oats, you know all that yummy stuff. And then I'll rotate through 3 months worth of food we eat regularly. I do rotate through all that canned stuff (like green beans, peaches, soups etc).

I will also say one other food storage thought...when we lived in michigan we had a major blackout that lasted a few days where the water was compromised and we couldn't drink it. People were going crazy to get water. They were stealing it and gas stations and stores were all sold out. It reminded me how important it is to have plenty of water stored b/c that is such a big need. So after a year of having a big water barrell sit empty in my garage, we finally filled it up and will rotate it every 6 months at conference. One note on this is to use a drinking water hose to fill it up b/c other hoses will get all the junk in the hose into your water.

Thanks nic for getting the blog going!


Amy said...

Good ideas Beans! We have a canner if you ever need one. We're only about 1/2 way prepared, but we'll get there.

James said...

Very good idea, I am soooooo impressed.
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